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Many customers have been asking us if we know of a stove installer in their area which is why we have set up the Stove Installer database system. This was once an online system searchable system but so many people were using the stove installer search that our own customers were often told that the stove installer had too much work. Therefore we have taken the system offline and it is now for Stovesonline customers only.

When you buy a stove and flue system with stovesonline it doesn't just stop at the sale. We can put you in touch with experienced installers who have installed our systems in the past and are used to the way our systems are designed. Our flue and chimney design experts can talk through the installation with the installer and help overcome any problems if they arise. Once installed we are available for advice on how to get the most from your stove. We also have a searchable online chimney sweep database so that you can find a chimney sweep.

Many Stovesonline customers self-install or get their builder to do the work.
However, an experienced stove installer will know their job inside out and is likely to install your stove faster and better.
If you have a central heating stove (with a backboiler) then you will also need to find a registered stove installer who is qualified to install such 'wet systems'.

Competent Person Scheme stove installers

Various companies and organisations offer a "Competent Person Scheme" course or accreditation for the installation of stoves and flue/chimney. These are:

You might like to read more about the Competent Person Scheme

These registered stove installers are deemed to be qualified and experienced. The advantage of using an installer who is a "Competent Person" (other than the fact that they will be familiar with installing stoves in a way that exceeds the safety requirements of Part J Building regs) is that you do not need to notify building control - the installer registers the installation with their certifying body, the installtion is then deemed satisfactory, and there is no need to involve building control.

Professional stove installers can register here

If you are a stove installer and/or a stove heating engineer and would like to appear on our free database then please click the link below and fill in the simple application form.

apply to join our stove installer list

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