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ACE-1 Camping Stoves

ACE 1 Camping Stove

Here we have the perfect camping stove. It lights really easily, runs on twigs and little bits of wood, quickly puts out a really strong heat (it'll boil a kettle in a few minutes), produces no smoke and has a controllable heat output. These stoves are built for families in Africa to cook on and are incredibly robust, completely safe and produce no mess.

It comes with a small solar panel that keeps the battery topped up and, even if there are many days without sun, it'll do twenty hours of cooking just on the charge you give it before you leave home. It is also supplied with an LED lamp that plugs into the stove, and mobile phone charger socket, both of which can be used even when the stove isn't lit. The burn efficiency is extremely high, allowing you to cook a meal for the whole family using just a pile of twigs. It can be turned up to boil water quickly or do a fry up or turned low to keep a stew bubbling or baking pan bread.

The ACE cookstove is a very different machine from a camping stove that relies on the heat from the fire to produce electricity. Such stoves produce small amounts of power, much of which is consumed by the fan to keep the fire burning cleanly. Powering lights or charging mobiles can only be done when the fire is roaring and will usually slow down the fan, leading to a more smoky and less efficient fire. Because the ACE stove stores electricity the fan runs from the moment you turn it on, which makes lighting it easier, quicker and almost completely smoke free. It also enables it to do a proper mobile phone charge and provide decent lighting whether the stove is running or not.

So whether you're camping in the woods, at a festival or on a camp site, this stove will cook for you, keep you warm, charge your phone and give you light without bothering you or your neighbours with smoke or even damaging the grass that it's sitting on.


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