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Hwam wood burning designer stoves

All the Hwam stoves have twenty first century automatic thermostatic controls that vary the proportion of primary and secondary air to achieve the most efficient burning at all stages of the firing cycle.

Available as an optional extra is the Hwam Autopilot IHS; you simply set the amount of heat you would like and the automatic system keeps the stove delivering it at the most efficient burning rate possible.

The Hwam range are designed as convection stoves, moving the heat around the room as warmed air rather than direct radiant heat. This gives a more uniform heat around the room and also means that the stove outer surface never gets excessively hot, allowing furniture to be placed closer as well as making it safer for children.

The huge viewing windows, which are a Hwam trademark, are kept clear by an airwash system that really works and, as the windows are curved, the fire can be seen from many different angles in the room.

On some of the models, there is an option for a soapstone cladding which is mined from the Karelian Mountains in Finland. As well as looking handsome, soapstone has the ability to absorb heat during combustion and then continue giving it out long after the stove has gone out.

Hwam have an online film which details the advantages of the automatic controls which they build into their stoves. The film is over 20mb in size so it is best veiwed by those with broadband connections. Click to open a new window to watch the Hwam film.


This short film explains the Hwam Autopilot IHS.

Hwam 26 Series stoves

The Hwam 2600 series is an elegant and beautiful range of stoves with a choice of a modern or classic design of door.

Visit our Hwam 26 Series stoves page, or click on the picture for more details

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