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Super flexible chimney rods and brushes

Ultraflex bendy nylon chimney sweeping rods

Ultraflex bendy nylon chimney sweeping rods

These Ultraflex nylon super flexible chimney sweeping rods are just the solution for sweeping bendy flexible chimney liners or twin wall flue systems with lots of bends and twists. Sometimes it is very difficult (or impossible) to get ordinary flue rods through a sharply bending flue liner or a twin wall system with a few 45 degree bends in it. Even if you do get the rods up sometimes damage is done to the inside of the flue by the relatively inflexible polypropylene rods. In such bendy flues it is also even more important to be able to sweep away tar and deposits as the flue gases will tend to slow and therefore cool at the bends. Because ultraflex super flexible chimney rods are made of nylon they are very very bendy. In fact these chimney rods can be bent back on themselves, not that they would need to do that in any compliant flue system!

To go with the rods there are nylon chimney brush heads in various sizes. These all have a guide ball to help the brush through bends in the flue. The soft nylon of the chimney brush allows it to easily get though a bendy flue whilst still removing deposits.

The fittings on our Ultraflex rods and brushes have changed from a single-pin with thread fitting before May 2016, to a double-pin, push fitting, no thread.  The new style rods and brushes are not compatible with the old style, so please be aware.

We are out of stock of the 150 and 175 brush heads. We would suggest you buy the 200mm brush head and cut it down to size.

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