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The ACE-1 stove.

ACE 1 Biomass Cookstove

The ACE-1 is the world's most portable wood burning cooker. Using a fan powered gasification chamber the biomass boiler can provide a source of heat to cook on, keep you warm, provide lightand even charge your mobile; all powered by a handful of twigs or a few sticks.

How the ACE 1 stove works:

ACE 1 Biomass Cookstove

This portable wood burning cooker has an integral fan blowing oxygen into the chamber through holes at both the bottom and at the top. This forces the fire to increase in temperature rapidly until it reaches approx. 1000°C. The fire being this hot then causes a gasification process. The hot gases then float to the top of the stove being met with more oxygen before complete combustion. This means it creates no smoke at all. The stove will produce up to 5kW of heat, typically the same amount of heat a gas hob ring. It is also very controllable. The temperature of the stove will also stay very warm after cooking. The ACE 1 is the smallest gasification boiler in the world.

ACE 1 Biomass Cookstove for camping

When fully charged the battery will power the fan for over 20 hours of cooking. You can incorporate a solar panel to charge the battery, thus powering the fan. This also has a USB port to charge a mobile phone and also a DC port for the optional LED light. This stove is so portable it is the perfect camping or festival companion.

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You can buy the ACE-1 camping stove here.

For each ACE 1 stove we sell, we will be giving a % of the sale to The Lesotho Orphans Project.

ACE 1 stove being carried by child

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