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Alarms, Meters, and Automation

Click to read more about the AirSmart Stove Controllers

AirSmart controllers control your stove so you don't need to keep a constant eye on it, but also open a vent to the room letting fresh air in when you open the door of the stove, a perfect match for well-sealed/airtight homes.

Click to read more about the Firewood moisture meter

Firewood moisture meter

£19.68inc. VAT

How dry your wood is has a massive effect on the efficiency any stove - you can test how dry your firewood is with our simple firewood moisture meter.

Click to read more about the Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm Set

This battery operated smoke alarm and carbon monoxide alarm comes as a handy set, ideal for stove installations.

Click to read more about the Stove Pipe Thermometers

Stove Pipe Thermometers

£13.75inc. VAT

This is a useful and accurate stove pipe thermometer which helps you to make sure that your stove is burning at the right temperature.