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Firefox Stoves

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Until now we have resisted presenting stoves made in China for various reasons - mainly quality and looks. Firefox stoves are made in China but for once it seems that the manufacturers have got it right. When we came to test the stoves we were pleasantly surprised - the quality of the casting and finish is good, the parts and stoves themselves robust, and with a nice simple classic look to them, none of the curly scrollwork and lumpish look so typical of some of the cheap Chinese imports which make me cringe. These stoves represent very good value for money. Firefox are also the best packaged stoves we have ever come across. A courier would have to try very hard to damage one of these stoves - they come in a cardboard box protected on all sides by its very own wooden crate. The legs come in a bag in the ash pan (and need to be attached to the stove as does the door handle which is a very simple process) and this also minimises the risk of damage as there are no small parts projecting from the stove.
These stoves need a decent draw to work well so it is important that your chimney functions and remember that the rated outputs are for burning coal - expect lower outputs when burning wood.

Firefox 8 cleanburn stove

Firefox 8 cast iron stove

The Firefox 8 cast iron stove gives out up to 8.4kW when burning coal, but can of course also burn wood too.