Stovesonline stove design mockup

What will the stove look like in your house?

It is important to choose the right stove to compliment the room that it is to go in. Why not see what it would look like first....

Take a picture of the room that you want the stove in. Get the picture onto your computer - you could do this with a digital camera or by scanning a print. If at all possible keep the size of your image down as this will make everything faster.

Select your picture - click the 'Browse' button below. A small window will open where you can browse to the picture that you saved on your computer - it must be either a GIF, JPEG, or JPG file and it must be less than 2MB or 2000K in size. Select the picture and click 'Open'. Then click 'Upload >>'.

Upload your picture - simply click the button below. This may take a little while depending on how fast your internet connection is.

Top tip - to easily make images smaller you can email them to yourself! Simply right-click the image you want to use and select "Send to >> Mail recipient". Then select "make all my pictures smaller" and send it to yourself.

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