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Duroflame Contemporary Stoves

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Duroflame Rembrand Pellet Stove

The Rembrand is a lovely stove that combines the automation of a modern wood pellet stove with much more classic traditional UK looks and style.

Duroflame Batavia Pellet Stove
Duroflame Batavia Pellet Stove£2,952.60 inc. VAT

The Batavia's three sided front gives a great view of the fire from anywhere in the room. Another efficient yet more traditionally styled wood pellet stove from Duroflame.

Duroflame Pelle Pellet Stove
Duroflame Pelle Pellet Stove£1,899.60 inc. VAT

This modern wood pellet stove offers a heat output range of between 3.4kW and 7.3kW.

Duroflame Carre Pellet Stove
Duroflame Carre Pellet Stove£2,769.00 inc. VAT

The Duroflame Carre is a great looking stove, perfectly suited to the UK. A classical UK-look but with the modern automation and efficiency only a wood pellet stove can bring.

Duroflame Rinus Pellet Stove
Duroflame Rinus Pellet Stove£1,969.80 inc. VAT

The Duroflame Rinus is a cylindrical wood pellet stove, compact yet with a generous large heat output of up to 7.3kW.