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Flammenpilot Stove Monitor

Flammenpilot Stove Monitor
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Save up to 30% on your firewood with a FlammenPilot.

FlammenPilot is a very clever device that monitors the fire in your stove. FlammenPilot does this with an Infra Red sensor and clever internal circuitry, allowing it to pinpoint just the right time for reloading the stove. This can greatly increase efficiency and therefore save a lot of logs over the season. FlammenPilot is also really handy in that it beeps at you when you need to reload the stove. This makes it a lot less likely for you to forget to load the stove and so let it go out.

Before we offered FlammenPilot on Stovesonline I tried it out and it did indeed do what it claimed to. It pinpoints the time when the fire has just gone to a good ember level but has not died back too much. A bit of a boost to the air controls as normal and the logs loaded at this time quickly caught. The most useful feature for me was the auditory signal to reload the stove (I should be pretty good at seeing the right time to reload a stove as I am a stove geek after all). I am not always sat by the stove all evening and so having the FlammenPilot meant that I knew I was going to get a little bleep when it was time to reload and I could carry on doing whatever it was I was doing without trying to keep half an eye on loading the stove. That also deals with a lot of the times when I reload the stove slightly early on meerly because I know that I am busy an may well not remember later on.

At the end of the evening when you do not want to reload the stove the bleep also tells you that you can turn down the air controls a little on the stove (but not completely of course), which will help keep a little more heat in the stove and room.

You place the FlammenPilot between 1 and 5 metres from the stove with the sensor window facing the fire. Walking infront of it or temporarily blocking its view does not seem to effect it. FlammenPilot worked both when there was a small and a large load in the stove. The instructions are easy to follow but there is really not too much to do to be honest: a small slider switch underneath turns it on, another slider underneath is set to standard stove mode (there is also a masonry stove mode - masonry stoves are popular in Germany but not so much here yet) and away you go. You tap the silver button on top when FlammenPilot bleeps to tell it that you have heard. If you want to load more logs on the stove before it bleeps (you might be about to sit down to dinner, say, and might not want to get up halfway through the meal) then you just load the stove and press down on the button on top until FlammenPilot gives you a single bleep telling you it has understood that you have loaded wood on earlier than it expects.

FlammenPilot means 'Flame pilot' and comes in a choice of three finishes: Natural wood, black, or white. We stock the wood and black as standard with the white as a special order. The design is elegant and simple, the finish very nice as you would expect and the weight reassuring.

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