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Hunter Cleanburn stoves

Hunter Lovenholm multifuel stove

The Lovenholm model is the smaller 3-5kw model and therefore suitable for most settings.

Hunter Norreskoven multifuel stove

With a 4-6kw output range this is the bigger brother of the Lovenholm. As the nominal output stays below 5kw you do not need an air brick with this model

Hunter Skagen 5 stove

Hunter Skagen 5 stove

£1,259 inc. VAT

The Hunter Skagen is a 6-9kw stove so will be able to heat most living rooms single handedly throughout the winter.

Hunter Sonderskoven stove

Hunter Sonderskoven stove

£1,313 inc. VAT

This is the big output family house model which is available in a few different finishes. The Hunter Sonderskoven is also available as a 5kw or 8 kw insert stove.