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Klover Pellet Boilers

Wood pellet boilers can heat your whole house, and provide your hot water, using wood pellets. Wood pellets are made from compressed sawdust. When made from sustainable wood they both renewable and sustainable, and very low carbon because new trees are constantly replacing the ones that are harvested. A wood pellet boiler will light and regulate itself automatically, they're efficient with very low emissions, and you can program them to come on and off. You just need to keep it topped up with pellets and give it a clean every so often.

Installation and government grants

Most Klover wood pellet boilers are MCS certified which means that if you live in a rural area (areas with less than 100,000 people) and are off the gas grid then you can apply for the government Boiler Upgrade Scheme grant of £5000. It's vital that wood pellet boilers are installed properly by someone who is familiar with them, so we work with the Firepower network of certified dealers and engineers that have been trained in how to install Klover boilers, and it is one of these who would supply the boiler and do the installation for you. We normally run through some of your initial questions with you and make sure that a wood pellet boiler is a good option for you before putting you in touch with your local engineer.

Choosing the right wood pellet boiler

Klover make a wide range of boilers - freestanding and inset models that look nice and go inside your house and let you enjoy the flames, as well as utility versions designed to go in an outhouse, shed or garage. We can run through the choices with you and give advice on what the right size of boiler would be for your home. Your installer will also do a more detailed assessment when they come for a site visit to make sure everything is just right.

The flaghip wood pellet boiler that Klover make is the Smart 120. The Smart 120 is a central heating cooker. Big enough to heat a large home and cook and bake on. The perfect replacement for that old oil cooker.

Klover Belvedere Wood Pellet Boiler Stoves

The Klover Belvedere Pellet Boiler Stoves bring smooth and sophisticated design creating a functional and yet attractive pellet boiler.

Klover Diva Slim Pellet Boiler
Klover Diva Slim Pellet Boiler£4,327.24 inc. VAT at 0%

The new Klover Diva is avaible in an extra slim form to allow it to blend seamlessly into your living area.

Klover Ecompact Utility Pellet Boilers

Klover wood pellet utility boilers are designed to be installed in a garage or utility room and can provide the heating and hot water for a whole house. They are MCS registered and eligible for the Boiler Upgrade Scheme grant. You can hook up an optional wood pellet hopper and feed system which will automatically keep the boiler topped up.

Klover Log and Pellet Boilers

Klover BiFire boilers give you the best of both worlds with an efficient and automated wood pellet boiler on the left and then a boiler stove which burns logs on the right.

Klover Smart Wood Pellet Central Heating Cookers

Smart wood pellet boiler cookers have a contemporary and streamlined look, are MCS registered and designed to efficiently provide heating and hot water for your home.

Klover Star 18 Boiler stove
Klover Star 18 Boiler stove£3,990.48 inc. VAT at 0%

The Klover Star 18 provides automatic wood heating in your home and is supported by the government boiler upgrade scheme grant. The Star 18 makes 12.7kW of hot water and gives 5kW to the room.

Klover ThermoAura Pellet Boiler Stove

Klover's ThermoAura is low room output boiler stove. With only 3kW to the room and 11kW to water the stove is ideal for modern well insulated homes. The ThermoAura features are room fan to circulate the air in bigger spaces as well as excellent natural convection.