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Stirling Engine fan

This Stirling Engine stove fan spreads heat from your stove into the room providing a more even heat. It is very common in the UK to have your stove recessed into a fireplace opening which can end up reducing the heat coming out into the room. The Stirling fan solves this problem very neatly. The Fan can be placed anywhere on the stove as they have been tested up to 550 degrees centigrade.

Stove stirling fan detailsThe fan is driven by a Stirling Engine. The Stirling engine was invented in 1816 by Robert Stiling, a Scottsman.It relies on a fantastically simple principal: when air (or another gas) heats up it expands. This expansion pushes up a piston. This air then comes into contact with a top plate which cools it. It then contracts and pulls the piston down.

The piston is fully visible inside its glass cylinder. No lubrication is needed, just sit it on your stove, give it a gentle push when the base is hot and it will start to spin, getting faster as the stove becomes hotter. 

As well as serving a very useful function the Stirling Stove fan is a lovely piece of engineering with the glass piston cylinder, stainless steel arms and beautifully made bearings and workings.

Benefits and Specification

  • No electricity needed
  • Works entirely from the heat from the stove
  • Eco friendly
  • 100% mechanical
  • Quiet, safe, economical operation
  • Zero Maintenance (technical advances means no oiling)
  • No fragile electronics
  • Circulates up to 2.2 times more air than other stove fans
  • Operates on almost all stoves. From 150 C (300F) to 450 C (840 F)
  • Precision engineered and hand built in England
  • Proven 200 year old technology.
  • Costs nothing to operate
  • Quiet operation
  • 3 year comprehensive manufacturer warranty
  • Overall height: 30.8cm (12.125 inches)
  • Overall width: 25.4cm (10 inches)
  • Base dimensions: 15.4cm X 7.7cm (6 x 3 inches)
  • Weight: 1.15Kg / 2.53lbs
  • Fan diameter: 25.4cm (10 inches)
  • Material: stainless steel, aluminium, brass
  • Colour: Black, stainless, aluminium, brass
  • Works on about 97% of stoves.
£165 inc. VAT In Stock Now

  • Height30mm
  • Width25mm
  • Weight1.15kg
  • Warranty3
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