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Vigas gasification boilers

Vigas boilers are made in the Slovak Republic. They are a well built log gasification boiler with a range of different outputs. You light a smallish fire in the boiler like you would in a stove and leave it to catch properly. When the fire has caught you load up the firebox with very dry logs, shut the door and push the start button. 

After around 20 - 30 minutes the fire will have got sufficiently hot and when you push the flue flap closed it will start to gasify. At that point the flue should stop smoking and the hot flue gases will now be going through the boiler tubes. The Vigas is a reverse combustion or downburning boiler (sometimes called 'downdraught boilers' or 'downdraught burners', but this is misleading as downdraught is a common term used to describe a chimney which puffs smoke). In a 'normal' burner the flue gases and smoke go upwards, but in a downburner they are drawn downwards, in this case through the use of a fan. This allows more accurate control of the combustion and the air supply needed for most efficient burning.The smallest Vigas requires a 150mm flue while the other models need a 200mm diameter flue. 

In the event of the boiler overheating an overheat safety system kicks in which flushes mains cold water through a coil in the boiler. The hot water coming out of this coil is then discharged to a waste pipe and in this way the boiler is cooled down. There are some simple monthly maintenance tasks to keep the Vigas in good condition which will take around 10-15minutes, and you do have to empty the ash.
Model Boiler VolumeFlue DiameterHeightMax Log LengthWidthWeightEfficiencyMax Heat OutputNominal Heat OutputMin Heat OutputDepthFirebox SizeWood ConsumptionFuelIsstoveMcs CertifiedFitting UnitsFitting SizeFitting TypePrice
Vigas 100S 215l200mm1420mm1000mm785mm950kg82%100kW100kW25kW1650mm457lt30.4Wood BurningYesNo   £8,319.00 inc. VAT
Vigas 25S 75l150mm1135mm500mm645mm430kg85%31kW25kW5kW1070mm120lt7.6Wood BurningYesYes"22£4,281.00 inc. VAT
Vigas 40S 93l200mm1385mm500mm645mm460kg84%41kW40kW8kW1070mm185lt11.2Wood BurningYesYes"22£5,383.00 inc. VAT
Vigas 60S 180l200mm1420mm700mm785mm760kg82%72kW60kW15kW1260mm315lt19Wood BurningYesNo"22£7,641.00 inc. VAT
Vigas 80S 205l200mm1420mm1100mm785mm930kg82%92kW80kW25kW1650mm483lt25Wood BurningYesNo"22£9,146.00 inc. VAT