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Westfire 23 Stoves

Westfire 23 Curve with 100mm legs

The Westfire 23 Uniq Curved model is available with 100mm legs as pictured as well as side glass model, block base or pedestal versions.

Westfire 23 Woodburning Side Glass Stove

If the stove is being sited freestanding in the room, not in a fireplace, the Westfire 23 Side Glass stove would be a good choice as you will be able to view the flames from all three sides.

Westfire 23 Woodburning Stove

The Westfire 23 standard model has a large rectangular glass giving a good view of the fire.  There are options of 100mm legs or a block base of 50mm.

Westfire 23 Woodburning Stove with Side Windows and Pedestal

The Westfire 23 Pedestal model raises the firebox of the stove giving you a more direct view into the flames, side glass panels are also included.