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stovesonline stove blogOn the Stovesonline news and blog we will be posting items about things which happen to us in our daily lives as well as stove related stories that you should find of interest.
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Latest Stovesonline blog entry

Buy a stove and plant a tree!

by Susi Nightingale
12 June 2017

Stovesonline now proudly supports the International Tree Fund. We contribute towards the planting and life long care of over 2 trees for every stove we sell. You can read about the ITF
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Buy a stove and plant a tree!
by Susi Nightingale 12 June 2017

Spring Cleaning
by Juliet Nightingale 27 April 2017

Esse 100DD review
by Sune Nightingale 13 January 2017

Stovesonline does St John's Fayre Witheridge
by Mandy Duffin 28 July 2016

The Hillyfield project
by Orlando Buckland 06 July 2016

Energystore Installation - Kenyan Styles.
by Mike Coke 22 June 2016

Earn Money from RHI
by Orlando Buckland 26 May 2016

Spring cleaning
by Juliet Nightingale 20 April 2016

Copenhagen Workers Museum
by Susi Nightingale 06 April 2016

Collecting Firewood
by Susi Nightingale 10 February 2016

Devon Showroom now open
by Orlando Buckland 10 February 2016

Burns Night 2016
by Orlando Buckland 25 January 2016

Hot Fiery Red Pepper Soup recipe
by Juliet Nightingale 10 July 2015

Stoves Online at Grand Designs 2015
by Tom Youd 22 April 2015

Bob Jones
by Sune Nightingale 04 February 2015

Stoves Online at Grand Designs Live October 2014
by Tom Youd 03 October 2014

Happy Easter
by Susi Nightingale 17 April 2014

Holidaying with a Vermont
by Juliet Nightingale 15 April 2014

Spring Cleaning
by Tom Youd 14 April 2014

Stoves Online at the Ideal Home Exhibition
by Tom Youd 05 November 2013

Stoves Online at Grand Designs Live October 2013
by Tom Youd 18 September 2013

John Burgis RIP
by Sune Nightingale 20 June 2013

Stoves Online at Grand Designs Live May 2013
by Tom Youd 19 April 2013

Domestic RHI delayed again till 2014
by Sune Nightingale 28 March 2013

StovesOnline Recipe
by Tom Youd 20 March 2013

Kind words from a customer
by Tom Youd 22 February 2013

Looking for a Heating Engineer
by Tom Youd 17 January 2013

Donate to Kids for Kids charity
by Tom Youd 10 January 2013

Happy Christmas from Stovesonline
by Tom Youd 20 December 2012

Energy prices set to increase
by Sune Nightingale 03 September 2012

The first MCS registered boiler stove
by Sune Nightingale 01 August 2012

Goodbye to Alan
by Sune Nightingale 31 May 2012

Spot the buried heat main
by Sune Nightingale 04 May 2012

Firewood, wood pellet, fuels cost comparison
by Sune Nightingale 02 April 2012

Win A Moisture Meter!
by Louis Johnson 28 March 2012

Morso Pizza Oven
by Sune Nightingale 28 February 2012

Verona stove show 2012
by Sune Nightingale 27 February 2012

The Complete Guide to Woodfuel 2012
by Sune Nightingale 10 January 2012

Report on the Heat and Shift conference: Part Two
by Sune Nightingale 05 December 2011

Report on the Heat and Shift conference: Part One
by Sune Nightingale 05 December 2011

Heat and Shift conference 24th-25th November 2011
by Sune Nightingale 14 November 2011

Stovesonline meeting of the Geeks
by Sune Nightingale 04 November 2011

Feed in Tariff more than halved by December 8th
by Sune Nightingale 28 October 2011

Woodfire RSD site visit
by Sune Nightingale 21 October 2011

Grand Designs Live, October 2011
by Sune Nightingale 22 September 2011

Renewable Heat Premium Payments
by Sune Nightingale 25 July 2011

Hotpod comes out tops
by Sune Nightingale 08 March 2011

The Renewable Energy Marketplace
by Sune Nightingale 03 March 2011

Chimneys in the cold weather
by Sune Nightingale 30 November 2010

Future Fires: Panoramic FX1
by Sune Nightingale 28 September 2010

Danish Chimney Sweep
by Sune Nightingale 23 September 2010

Biomass a Burning Issue
by Sune Nightingale 20 September 2010

Amazing strawbale house
by Sune Nightingale 03 September 2010

Elderflower cordial
by Susi Nightingale 30 June 2010

Heating with manure
by Susi Nightingale 28 June 2010

Stove for barn conversion
by Juliet Nightingale 25 June 2010

Stove black your car
by Caspian Burlingham 22 June 2010

Sourcing wood in bulk for Firewood
by Sune Nightingale 21 June 2010

Free kindling, free delivery
by Sune Nightingale 15 April 2010

Stoves in the press again
by Sune Nightingale 30 March 2010

Verona stove show 2010
by Sune Nightingale 12 March 2010

High winds bring down this ash tree
by Sune Nightingale 24 November 2009

Packaging when returning flue pipe
by Sune Nightingale 19 November 2009

Sourcing timber for firewood
by Sune Nightingale 21 August 2009

by Sune Nightingale 15 June 2009

A postcard from Juliet
by Juliet Nightingale 22 May 2009

Time to prepare your firewood for next year
by Sune Nightingale 24 March 2009

Pevex enterprises stove showroom goes up in flames
by Sune Nightingale 20 March 2009

Age of stupid
by Sune Nightingale 01 March 2009

Stove in the Studio
by Juliet Nightingale 15 February 2009

Westfire 15 Stove beats the heavy snowfall!
by Sune Nightingale 03 February 2009

Doc J open for comments
by Sune Nightingale 01 January 2009

Isle of Wight woodfuel and stove exhibition
by Sune Nightingale 28 November 2008

Stovesonline launches
by Sune Nightingale 16 October 2008

Arada acquire Villager stove brand
by Sune Nightingale 30 June 2008

Rising fuel prices - how to reduce your heating costs
by Sune Nightingale 17 June 2008

Stovesonline takes coal merchant search service offline
by Sune Nightingale 01 May 2008

Chop, chop! Get a wood-burning stove
by Sune Nightingale 08 March 2008

Stovesonline subsidises Darfur fuel efficient stoves
by Sune Nightingale 01 December 2007

Stovesonline subsidises New Laos stoves and offsets CO2 emissions
by Sune Nightingale 01 December 2007

Selkirk announce new ventilation method
by Sune Nightingale 01 November 2007

Stovesonline launches
by Sune Nightingale 01 November 2007

The musical stove
by Sune Nightingale 14 May 2007

Building regs Doc L and heating with wood
by Sune Nightingale 06 April 2007

Low Carbon Building Programme
by Sune Nightingale 01 April 2007

Stovesonline helps Okehampton under 13's football team
by Sune Nightingale 01 November 2006

Now there's a solid case for installing a stove
by Sune Nightingale 25 March 2006

Refugee stoves for Pakistan
by Sune Nightingale 01 December 2005

Hotpod stoves
by Sune Nightingale 01 November 2005

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