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The Danish call it hygge - we say cosy but cosy is only a shadow of what hygge encapsulates. Hygge is the culture of winter warmth; the heartfelt glow which only good food, friends and family, home and a roaring stove can provide. In Opus Stoves we hope we can bring the gift of hygge to your home.

Opus stoves utilise the latest combustion technology to bring you that combination of high efficiency, low emissions and exceptional controllability. For instance Opus are the first manufacturer to introduce pre-heated combustion air utilising the throat plate rather than just passing the air around the stove body. This means that the fire starts to burn efficiently and cleanly much more quickly than in conventional pre-heat systems.

All the Opus stoves give out their warmth as a combination of radiant and convected heat as opposed to the more traditional designs that rely solely on radiant heat. You will feel the radiant heat coming from the door and viewing window but at the same time the body of the stove is quietly drawing cool air from floor level, warming it up and spreading it around the room as convected warmth. The end result is that you have a much more even temperature in the room, the warmth will spread further around the house and you avoid over-heating the area immediately around the stove.

One of the keys to achieving a beautiful flame pattern is to ensure that no 'unintended' air gets into the firebox, so an airtight door is an essential for any top quality stove. This is easy on a cuboid stove, but harder to achieve on a spherical stove with a full height door. Some manufacturers have a single catch and just accept a certain amount of air leakage, some go for double catches, but with Opus three point door locking is standard on many of their spherical models.

Opus Melody Stoves

Opus Melody Stoves

The Opus Melody models combine classically great design with a superb build quality and a finely engineered combustion chamber.

Whichever version you choose, the Melody brings an elegance to wherever it is fitted, as well as dancing flames, an orange glow and an unbeatably cosy warmth.

Visit our Opus Melody Stoves page, or click on the picture for more details

Opus Trio Stoves

Opus Trio Stove

The round shape, discrete handles and unrivalled view of the fire all combine to produce a superb looking stove. With the logs below and the curling orange flames above, the Trio fills any room with warmth, light and relaxation.

Visit our Opus Trio Stove page, or click on the picture for more details

Opus Harmony Stoves

Opus Harmony Stoves

At 7 kW this stove will easily warm up a good size room but is equally at home ticking over just to keep everything cosy. While primarily a woodburner, you can burn smokeless coal on the Harmony models if you don't have the wood or simply want to put smokeless coal on and leave it burning all night.

Visit our Opus Harmony Stoves page, or click on the picture for more details

Opus Calypso Stoves

Opus Calypso Stove

The Opus Calypso is a stylish boiler stove providing looks, flames and heating your home and water.

Visit our Opus Calypso Stove page, or click on the picture for more details

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