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Dovre Astroline 4CB stove

Dovre Astroline 4CB woodburning stove

Dovre Astroline 4CB woodburning stove
Dovre Astroline 4CB woodburning stove Multifuel pedestal version
Multifuel pedestal version
Dovre Astroline 4CB woodburning stove Multifuel version
Multifuel version
Dovre Astroline 4CB woodburning stove Pedestal version
Pedestal version
£2120 inc VAT
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The Dovre 4CB is a contemporary cast iron stove with a large glass window and glass side panels to give extra view of the fire. The Dovre 4CB shown here is the woodburning version with a wood store base but a multifuel version is also available and the stove can come with a pedestal base (as shown in the extra details picture below).

WEIGHT181 kg
DIRECT AIR SUPPLYYes - There is a 100mm external air supply kit which supplies the primary and secondary combustion air.

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Optional Extras
Dovre Astroline 4 heatshield£119
Dovre Astroline 4MF multifuel stove on a pedestal£1993
Dovre Astroline 4CB woodburning stove on a pedestal£2036
Dovre Astroline 4CB Multifuel Stove£2078

The Dovre Astroline 4CB woodburning stove includes free delivery within England and parts of WalesThe Dovre Astroline 4CB woodburning stove includes free delivery within the orange area on the map. Further delivery details.

When you order your Dovre Astroline 4CB woodburning stove from us it can come with any three of the following four things:

A length of single skin flue pipe allows you to connect your Dovre Astroline 4CB woodburning stove to your chimney. Please ask a member of our team to explain the different lengths and types of flue component which you can pick from.
A Stovesonline firewood moisture meter: regardless of which stove you choose one thing which always has a huge effect on how well it will work is how dry your firewood is. Our moisture meter allows you test and measure that yourself.
A battery operated Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Alarm set. Fitting a CO alarm when you have a stove is not only a good idea, it is a building regulations requirement.
A copy of The Stove Book - a guide to using and getting the best out of your new stove, including in depth advice on how to source and season firewood.

When you are finalising your order with one of our team please just let them know if you would like to take advantage of this offer and, if so, which of the three items you would like. These items need to be specified when your order is placed.

We pride ourselves on offering a great service before, during, and after you have dealt with us. We hope this will quickly becomes apparent to you. At the same time we like to balance that by being competitive and we are keen for you to choose us. If you happen to be offered a better deal elsewhere then we do not want to lose you so please let us know and we will do our best to match or beat it.

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