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Fondis Inset Stoves

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Fondis Authrorised DealerFondis make a stunning range of inset stoves. These are real show stoves that will make an excellent feature in almost any room. Fondis stoves have been made and installed for over 25 years and their combined focus on excellence of design, quality of manufacturer and aesthetic appeal is a winning formula.


Fondis classic inset stoves

Fondis Classic Inset Stoves

Fondis Classic inset stoves are elegant and uncluttered. Fondis Classic stoves have doors that slide up into the wall to open, large generous windows with simple framing that does not obscure the flickering flames. The large fireboxes means that you can load up with logs when needed, the effective design means that you can run them at lower outputs whilst maintaining efficiency.

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Fondis Ulys insert stoves uk

Fondis Ulys Inset Stoves

Fondis Ulys insert stoves are high quality woodburning insert stoves which feature doors that slide up and into the wall, so very little to clutter your view of the fire. There are a range of different models of Fondis Ulys insert stove to choose from, all with generous, well insulated fireboxes and high efficiencies. Some of the Fondis Ulys insert stoves feature an innovative catalyst system which drastically reduces CO and particulate emissions.

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Fondis V Series Inset Stoves

Fondis V Series Inset Stoves

Fondis V Series inset stoves are simple to install and provide their heat quickly to the room. The glass extends right to the edge of the doorframe giving the Fondis V Series stoves that up to date look deep black look to their frames. The V Series are efficient woodburners with cool to the touch silicone door handles. There is even the V80LDF double sided model in the range.

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Fondis Accessories

Accessories for your Fondis inset stove to help with ventilation and installation.

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