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Alarms, Meters, and Automation

Here we have a range of things which improve safety and function - smoke and CO alarms, thermometers as well as controllers which adjust how your stove burns automatically.


Here is where you find helpful books about heating.

Chimney brushes and rods

Sweeping your chimney is essential for your safety as it removes the tar and deposits that cause chimney fires. With our range of rods and brushes, including super flexible nylon rods, you can sweep almost anything.

Wooden Firelighters

These wooden firelighters make lighting your stove easy and a pleasure.

Fondis Limestone Fireplaces

Fondis inset stoves are available with these stunning Limestone fire surrounds.

Insert stove accessories

Products ideal for installing inset stoves; vents, ducts and grilles let hot air from the stove into the room or carry it to other rooms in the house, Thermalux sheets to quickly build chambers, and new chimney breasts and firewood boxes to slot into them.

Hearths, Stands and Heat Shields

Hearths, floor plates, and stands let you sit your stove on something in your room and protect the floor from heat and any stray embers. Heat shields protect the wall at the back from the heat and looks brilliant.

Stove Room Ventilation

Your stove needs a supply of air to burn and then a much larger supply when you open the door to refuel. These ventilators and vents give you an easy way to provide that air, to reduce draughts and to make the whole thing neat and tidy.

Stove Spares website

Your stove should give you many years of enjoyment and with that in mind we supply a full range of spare parts and maintenance products.