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For Inset Stoves

Thermalux Stove Installation Sheets

Thermalux sheets are one of the quickest and easiest ways to install an inset stove. Whether you are making a false chimneybreast, or a hole in the wall fire (or even a stand-alone cube), Thermalux can be screwed and glued together to create an insulated, heat-resistant, self-supporting structure.

In-wall Log Boxes

Especially well suited to inset stoves, these in-wall firewood log boxes give you a neat solution to firewood storage in your room. They also look good, the wood adds that nice touch of natural texture. You can install them vertically or horizontally as you wish.

Inset Stove Chamber Vents

Inset stoves are normally installed into a new chamber or chimney breast. These vents are a neat and tidy way to let cool air flow into the chamber near the bottom and then back out as warm air to heat your room near the top.

Hot Air Duct and Vents

Spread hot air from your inset stove to other rooms in the house with these insulated ducts and vents. Some inset stoves come with connections already built in or you can vent from the installation chamber.

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Specialist adapters for Fondis stoves to optimise them for different chimney heights.