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In-wall Log Boxes

In-wall Log Boxes In-wall Log Box dimensions

These log boxes give you a neat way to store firewood near your stove. They are designed to be installed into a wall and are made from steel and painted a simple matt black. Often, when installing an inset stove, you will make a chamber to house the stove so these boxes can be incorporated at the same time. They can be used when you make a chamber with Thermalux sheets or with more traditional brick and blockwork.

Simply make a void a little bigger than the box in the wall or chamber and then slot the box in. A small return on the face of the box covers any small gaps between the box and the hole in the wall. Stacked up with firewood they also make a great feature in your room.

Model Price
Large log box£295.00 inc. VAT
Small log box£245.00 inc. VAT