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Workshop Stoves

Do you find yourself working away in the winter wanting to warm yourself up and perhaps boil a kettle? How about those piles of waste wood, sawdust and shavings - what do you do with those?

Well our workshop stoves will not only warm you up, but they will let you make good use of that wood waste, sawdust too. These workshop stoves have a pipe running right down the firebox which lets them carry on burning even when you fill them with sawdust.

You can also burn shavings in these workshop stoves but bear in mind that because of the loose nature of shavings they can burn really hot so you have the risk of overheating the stove. That's why we say to either pack down the shavings well before lighting them, or mix them in with sawdust. Sawdust can either be loaded into the stove and then lit, or you can use a paper bag to add in smaller amounts whilst the stove is burning. Do remember that you shouldn't have a workshop stove (or any flame) in an area with lots of fine wood dust in the air - so extraction is key as is locating your workshop stove in a room away from any work that makes a lot of fine dust.

These workshop stoves are excellent value for money and workshops tend to be quite big. I wouldn't recommend picking a stove that is too small for the space as you will either not feel like it's getting hot enough, or you will be tempted to run the stove too hot and so run the risk of damaging it or reducing its lifespan. We're here to help you pick the right size, do just give us a call.