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Cooker Stoves

Range Cooker Stoves
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Range cooker stoves allow you to cook and bake whilst also heating the room and perhaps run central heating. Some cooker stoves just have a hot plate, many also have an oven. They make a cosy feature in a kitchen and modern cooker stoves will often tend to have a window so you can also see the flames.

Range cooker stoves have been around for a long time with UK manufacturer Esse having made them for well over 100 years. The cookers on this page have been brought up to date with decent sized windows, higher efficiencies, better control and extra features. We have Esse's lovely cast iron range of "heart" cookers, Klover's automated wood pellet central heating cookers and DeManincor, where you can attach a standard cooker and hob unit to the wood cooker.

Wamsler K148 cooker stove
Wamsler K148 wood burning cooker stove AnthraciteRRP £7,236.94£6,460.00 inc. VAT

Wamsler K178 series central heating cooker stove

Klover Traditional Smart 80 Wood Pellet Cooker

The Klover Traditional Smart 80 central heating cooker is a highly efficient wood pellet boiler with a cookplate and hob cover making it a perfect addition to the kitchen.

Klover Smart 120 Wood Pellet central heating cooker

The ultimate in style and functionality, the Smart 120 becomes the heart of your home, providing hot water, heating the house and allowing you to cook. The Smart 120 pellet cooker is MCS registered. The price above is with the optional hob covers.

Klover Smart 80 Wood Pellet central heating cooker in black

The Klover Smart 80 is a wood pellet boiler combined with a cooking hot plate. so you have a compact, modern, highly efficient pellet stove which you can heat a kettle or saucepan on, whilst also providing your domestic hot water and heating.

Klover Altea 110 stove
Klover Altea 110 Steel£6,996.00 inc. VAT

Charming kitchen range with a boiler for central heating and hot water.

Klover Star 90 Wood Cooker
Klover Star 90 Wood Cooker£3,360.00 inc. VAT

Klover Star 90 Wood Cooker Stainless

Klover Traditional Smart 120 wood pellet cooker in cream

The Klover Traditional Smart 120 central heating wood pellet cooker has a more traditional look designed specifically for the UK, but inside it is the same highly efficient pellet boiler.

Esse Bakeheart Stove
Esse Bakeheart StoveRRP £3,467.00£3,120.00 inc. VAT

This A+ rated stove from Esse combines wood-fired cooking in the baking oven and on its four-zoned cooking hob, whilst providing radiant heat for the room.

Esse Warmheart Stove
Esse Warmheart StoveSpecial Offer Price £1,690.00
(RRP £2,269.00 inc. VAT, a saving of £579.00)

Esse's Warmheart model allows you to boil a kettle and cook a meal on your stove.

Esse ironheart range cooker stove
Esse Ironheart Ecodesign range cooker stoveRRP £5,717.00£5,145.00 inc. VAT

Klover Vesta woodburning stove
Klover VestaSpecial Offer Price £2,895.00
(Normal price £3,895.00 inc. VAT, a saving of £1,000.00)

This Klover Vesta comes with a very large oven, along with primary and secondary hot plates for greater control when cooking.

Bronpi Monza Stove
Bronpi Monza Stove£2,080.00 inc. VAT

Esse Lightheart wood cook stove
Esse Lightheart wood cook stoveRRP £3,500.00£3,182.00 inc. VAT

Esse Warmheart S EcoDesign Stove
Esse Warmheart S EcoDesign StoveRRP £2,000.00£1,600.00 inc. VAT

Presenting the small Eco Design Esse cooking stove.

Nestor Martin Stanford 12  Plus Cooktop stove
Nestor Martin Stanford 140+ 12 kW Cooktop StoveRRP £3,649.00£3,100.00 inc. VAT

The cast iron top of this stove hinges back allowing you to place your cooking pans directly on top of the stove.

De Manincor Domino 8 wood cooker stove black with stainless steel doors

De Manincor Domino 8 wood and gas combination

De Manincor Domino 8 maxi wood cooker stove

De Manincor Domino 6 maxi wood cooker stove

De Manincor Domino 6 wood cooker stove

De Manincor FKA900 wood cooker boiler stove

The De Manincor FKA900 is a high quality woodburning range cooker stove with a window to the firebox and a high output backboiler. This range cooker stove has a nominal heat output to water of 16kW: enough to provide hot water and to run around 6-7 radiators - plenty for most houses.