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No-one can claim a stove history like Esse Stoves can. Esse have been making stoves since 1854 and they proudly continue that tradition today with a comprehensive range of freestanding and insert stoves. Esse ranges are equally well known and are regarded as some of the best wood burning range cookers on the market today.

Steeped in tradition Esse may be, but that has not stopped them innovating and their contemporary range, the Esse 125 and the Esse 525, combine up to the minute clean lines and uncluttered looks with the normal Esse high efficiency combustion systems. All current models are suitable for the DEFRA area and demonstrate excellent combustion efficiency, resulting in very clean burning. Some have are direct air; their Esse 200 model can now draw both its primary and secondary air straight from the outside.

If you like seeing the fire then the big windows on Esse stoves, that have become their trademark look, certainly fit that bill. Combine that with an airwash system that really works and you will continue to enjoy an undiminished view of the flames on your Esse stove for many years to come.

Esse 1 Eco Design Ready Wood
Esse 1 EcoDesign Ready WoodSpecial Offer Price £520.00
(RRP £693.00 inc. VAT, a saving of £173.00)

Esse 105 EcoDesign Ready Stove
Esse 105 EcoDesign Ready StoveRRP £1,767.00£1,395.00 inc. VAT

Esse 155 EcoDesign Ready Stove
Esse 155 EcoDesign Ready StoveRRP £1,658.00£1,390.00 inc. VAT

Esse 175 F EcoDesign Ready Stove
Esse 175 F EcoDesign Ready StoveRRP £1,960.00£1,650.00 inc. VAT

Esse 175 B EcoDesign Ready Stove
Esse 175 B EcoDesign Ready StoveRRP £1,966.00£1,670.00 inc. VAT

Esse 500 SE vista multifuel stove
Esse 500 EcoDesign Ready StoveSpecial Offer Price £945.00
(RRP £1,162.00 inc. VAT, a saving of £217.00)

The Esse 500 SE vista stoves are good looking cast iron 5 kw stoves with an efficiency of over 80% and a large curved topped glass to admire the flames through.

Esse 525 SE designer stove
Esse 525 SE designer stoveRRP £1,519.00£1,290.00 inc. VAT

The Esse 525 is a designer stove made here in the UK. One of the things that distinguishes the 525 (apart from its stainless steel tubular legs) is that it is a multifuel stove – most contemporary stoves are woodburning only.

Esse 550 SE multifuel stove
Esse 550 EcoDesign Ready StoveRRP £1,059.00£889.99 inc. VAT

The Esse 550 SE multifuel stove.

Esse Bakeheart Stove
Esse Bakeheart StoveRRP £3,467.00£2,995.00 inc. VAT

This A+ rated stove from Esse combines wood-fired cooking in the baking oven and on its four-zoned cooking hob, whilst providing radiant heat for the room.

Esse Warmheart Stove
Esse Warmheart StoveSpecial Offer Price £1,595.00
(RRP £2,269.00 inc. VAT, a saving of £674.00)

Esse's Warmheart model allows you to boil a kettle and cook a meal on your stove.

Esse Warmheart S EcoDesign Stove
Esse Warmheart S EcoDesign StoveRRP £2,000.00£1,495.00 inc. VAT

Presenting the small Eco Design Esse cooking stove.

Esse ironheart range cooker stove
Esse Ironheart Ecodesign range cooker stoveRRP £5,717.00£5,145.00 inc. VAT

Esse Lightheart wood cook stove
Esse Lightheart wood cook stoveRRP £3,500.00£3,140.00 inc. VAT