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Chimney Cowls

AD Anti-downdraught Cowl

This cowl does a good job of preventing downdraft rain and bird entry, and is easily strap fixed to your chimney pot.

Cone Top Bird Guard for chimneys
Cone Top Bird Guard£24.47 inc. VAT

The cone top bird guard is a simple yet effective way to stop birds entering your chimney.

Rain Guard Cowl Terracotta

A simple cowl that stops rain getting into your chimney where there is no downdraught problem.

Rota Top 200 Spinning Cowl stainless strapfix

The Rota Top is a spinning cowl which can help to improve draw on sluggish chimneys. They do however need regular maintenance so you should factor this into your decision as to how to help improve your chimney.

Top Guard chimney cowl
Top Guard chimney cowl£155.87 inc. VAT

The Top Guard Chimney Cowl is a very open cowl suitable for use where it is important not to restrict the draw of the chimney.

Vedette anti-downdraft chimney cowls

Perhaps the most effective anti-downdraught cowl available, the vedette is easy to fit, long lasting and will help to stop or reduce air coming in puffs back down your chimney.