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Vedette anti-downdraft chimney cowls

Probably the most effective anti-downdraught cowl available, the Vedette eliminates downdraught in most weather conditions and in most situations. A tried and tested cowl that has been successfully curing downdraft for many years. The Vedette is made of 316 stainless steel for better corrosion resistance and is available sizes from 4 inch to 9 inch.

This cowl is simple to install as the stem is undersized to allow it to slide inside the bore of most metal and conventional brick chimneys.

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Vedette anti-downdraught cowl 125mm

125mm£233.99 inc. VAT

Vedette anti-downdraught cowl 150mm

150mm£242.50 inc. VAT

Vedette anti-downdraught cowl 175mm

175mm£282.48 inc. VAT

Vedette anti-downdraught cowl 200mm

200mm£291.46 inc. VAT
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