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Heating System Accessories

Load units and load valves.

Here we have load units and load valves which make your boiler stove or log gasifiyer run more efficiently, last longer, and improve the charging of heat accumulators too.

Mixer valves and thermostats

Mixers take hot and cold water and mix them to give the desired temperature. This improves system efficiency and can prevent scalding across your whole hot water circuit. Our flue thermostats are an excellent way of switching a pump on only when your stove is going.

Linked systems and Linkup

Here we have some devices which let you linkup multiple heat sources in the same heating and hot water system. A good way to do this is with a thermal store, but there is not always the need, nor the room for one.

AirSmart Controllers

AirSmart controllers control your stove so you don't need to keep a constant eye on it, but also open a vent to the room letting fresh air in when you open the door of the stove, a perfect match for well-sealed/airtight homes.

High temperature header tanks

High temperature header tanks are essential for vented boiler stove installations. These copper high temperature F&E tanks can easily take temperatures in excess of 110ºC – which standard header tanks cannot.

Expansion vessels for Thermal Stores

Expansion vessels allow for the expansion and contraction of water in a sealed heating system as it heats and cools. We supply larger than standard sizes which are needed to go alongside our thermal stores.

District and Community Heating

District heating or community heating schemes allow a group of houses or buildings to be heated by a single system. This can save on running and installation costs and of course takes up less room than several individual boilers. District heating schemes are becoming increasingly popular here.