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AirSmart Stove Controllers

AirSmart Boiler Stove Controllers

An AirSmart controls the burn rate of your boiler stove, can switch on the pump for the stove when needed, will open a vent to the room when the door of the stove is opened, and will shut down the stove if it is getting too hot, or if there is a powercut.

AirSmart Standalone

The AirSmart Standalone has a door sensor that you fit to your stove and a control unit which opens a sealed vent to allow outside air into the room when the door of the stove is opened.

AirSmart Dry Stove Controllers

These controllers are designed for dry, non-boiler stoves. The burn rate of the stove is controlled according to the temperature and a vent to outside is opened when the stove door is opened.

Boiler Stove Controllers

These are automated controllers for boiler stoves which do not incorporate the additional AirSmart room vent feature, making them slightly lower in price.