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Boiler Stove Controllers

A surface mounted control and display panel is mounted discretely near the stove. Two wired temperature probes (measuring 3 meters) run back to your thermal store and boiler stove.

The control damper is fitted inline to the air supply duct so it can regulate the air going to the stove. The panel gives a visual representation of the temperature in the boiler and thermal store which tells you whether you need to load up your stove again or not.

You set a desired temperature for your thermal store via the panel and as the store approaches this temperature the panel progressively slows down the stove, and vice versa.

The panel can be used to turn a heating pump on once a set temperature has been reached, it is used to control the load unit / boiler pump (so you do not need a flue thermostat), has a frost setting, and overheat protection. 

It is available in three sizes - 100mm, 125mm and 150mm.

Model Price
Boiler Stove Controller 100mm£324.00 inc. VAT
Boiler Stove Controller 125mm£342.00 inc. VAT
Boiler Stove Controller 150mm£426.00 inc. VAT