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Stovesonline - Full stove design, installation and parts company

Who are Stovesonline?

Stovesonline is a family business managed by John and Sune Nightingale. Over the past thirty years John and his family have been involved in every aspect of the stove business from selling and installing stoves to designing and building them.

Flue designer Andy Moore (who specialises in twin wall insulated flue, pumice and masonry chimney systems as well as flexible liner) leads our flue technical team and design compliant flue and chimney installations. Susi Nightingale and Christine Poole will take your calls and emails and answer your questions about stoves and installations. Jack Prosser is our specialist in all types of stove installation and will answer your more technical queries. Shirley Johnson is the Office Manager and has her hand on the pulse regarding stock ordering, refunds and all other areas of the business, both stove and flue. Jane Bartlett manages our spare parts department and enquiries for accessories. Jamie Bennett, Scott Palfrey and Martin Boyle are our heating engineers and will help to design whole house heating and hot water systems for you. Alan Smith and Mandy Duffin take care of accounts and payments and looking after our suppliers which is an important part of our business, while Louis Johnson and Orlando Buckland keep the cogs of our websites oiled and running smoothly. Our warehouse and showroom are run and managed by Os Omran, which is situated near Honiton in Devon.

We do not quite sell stoves online

Let me explain this quickly before you get confused as to why a company called Stovesonline is saying this. We want to ensure that every stove that goes out is the correct stove for the situation that it is going into. So it needs to be the right size, have the right heat output, be connected to the correct type and size of chimney, be sitting on a hearth of the right size etc. That is why our trained team checks through all these aspects for you, so that we can be confident that you will get exactly the right stove for your house. You can add a stove to an order, you can pay for it, or hold it with a deposit, but each time a member of the team will be checking to make sure you have had the help and advice you need, and to make sure everything is just right. We think you'll appreciate our more personal approach and you are also going to end up with a stove which suits your needs and which is installed safely.

We don't just sell stoves, spares for stoves, and stove accessories...

As a stovesonline customer you also gain access to our comprehensive list of competent person installers, heating engineers, and builders. We liaise with the installer throughout to ensure a smooth job.

Stovesonline also gives advice and after-sale support for new and regular customers; the advice page helps deal with common stove related problems, but if you can't find a solution there just contact us....

If you are one of the stove shops or stove installers who we supply then you not only gain access to stoves which you may find hard to find elsewhere, you also have the help and support of our knowledgeable staff, from simple things like actually calling you back, to complicated queries about linking up wet installations. We have a policy of ongoing training for all our staff - the world of stoves never stands still so neither do we.....

Stovesonline Limited is registered in England and Wales.
Company number: 04636920

Registered office:

Stovesonline Ltd
EX14 4RD

Flue Design service

Another feature is our complete flue design service: flue experts will design a building regs compliant installation for you and all the parts and accessories needed can then be delivered straight to you.

Heating System Design

Are you interested in a boiler stove to top up your existing heating system or something to run the whole lot? perhaps you want an automated pellet boiler, or perhaps you need some advice on how to link in various renewable energy sources to a thermal store we are specifying and supplying? Either way our heating engineers can help you and your installer plan out your heating and hot water system so that it is effective, efficient, yet relatively simple and easy to understand and work on. Just contact us to get started.