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Flexible flue liners

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When you need a really tough chimney liner that's going to be worked very hard then DuraFlue is what you need. Duraflue comes with a full 15 year guarantee on the 316 grade, and 30 years for the 904/316 grade. It's made differently from normal liner making it physically tougher and more resistant to damage.

Click to read more about the FlexLine Flexible flue liner

Stocked by us, pre-packed and ready to go our Flexline flexible chimney liner comes in two grades. 316 is perfect for most installations, 904 for ones which will be worked hard. A range of easy to use components makes installation simpler and safer so you can then concentrate on sitting relaxing infront of your stove.

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Insulation for flexible flue liner improves the draw or suck of your chimney by keeping the liner warm. This also keeps the liner cleaner inside meaning that it's safer and may need cleaning less often.