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Wood burning stoves with boilers and back boiler stoves for central heating

central heating wood boiler is a site dedicated to wood burning boiler stoves. gives an overview of the subject and is a good starting point if you want a broad understanding of how to heat your house with a back boiler stove. Central heating, domestic hot water, details on various boiler stoves, information on installation, linked system and linkup, solar thermal are all covered.

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Stoves with backboilers

A stove with a backboiler can be used to supplement your existing heating system or to entirely run your heating and hot water. When we specify a large boiler stove we like to ascertain the heat demand of your house first so that we can be sure that the stove has the required heat output.
As a rough rule of thumb domestic hot water generally takes 2.3-3kWh/person /day (8-10,000 BTU), whilst an average radiator (3' x 4') takes around 1.5kW (5,000 BTU). This rule of thumb is no substitute for the advice of a good plumber / heating engineer. You can use our BTU to kW converter if you want to convert BTU to kW or kW to BTU, however please be warned that just adding up the outputs of all the radiators in your house will usually give you a total figure which is too high and so it is not a good basis for sizing your boiler stove.

For information of how to set up a central heating system using a stove with a backboiler please visit our page incorporating a boiler stove as part of a central heating system.

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Opus boiler stoves

The Opus Calypso provides a nominal 4.9 kW to water and 3.4 kW to the room in a stylish contemporary stove with stunning looks.

Boiler stove nameHeat to waterHeat to roomEfficiencyFuel

Opus Calypso

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Woodfire boiler stoves

Woodfire boiler stoves can come as 12kW freestanding versions, or as a 12kW and 18kW insert. With efficiencies of 82% and overheat safety as standard these are advanced wood boiler stoves.

Boiler stove nameHeat to waterHeat to roomEfficiencyFuel
RX 12 insert stove9kW3kW76%Wood

RX 20 insert stove

RX 30 insert stove
RX 30 panorama insert stove22kW8kW80%Wood
RX 40 panorama insert stove30kW10kW80%Wood

Woodfire CXC12 contemporary boiler stove

Woodfire CX12 contemporary boiler stove

Woodfire Evo 20 LD woodburning insert stove
Woodfire Evo 30 LD woodburning insert stove24kW6kW80%Wood
Woodfire Evo 30 panorama insert stove25kW5kW80%Wood

Woodfire Evo 20 woodburning insert stove

Woodfire Evo 30 woodburning insert stove

Woodfire Passiv Boiler Stove

Woodfire RX 20 double sided insert stove

Woodfire RX 30 double sided insert stove
Woodfire RX 30 double sided panorama insert stove18kW12kW80%Wood

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Stratford boiler stoves

The new range of Stratford Ecoboiler stoves perform really well, getting up to running temperature a lot faster than their predessors.

Boiler stove nameHeat to waterHeat to roomEfficiencyFuel

Ecoboiler 9 HE Boiler Stove

Ecoboiler 12 HE Boiler Stove

Ecoboiler 16 HE Boiler Stove

Ecoboiler 20 HE Boiler Stove

Ecoboiler 25 HE Boiler Stove

Ecoboiler 12i HE

Ecoboiler 16i HE

Stratford EBW12 wood boiler stove

Stratford Ecoboiler 12 Cassette

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Walltherm boiler stoves

Boiler stove nameHeat to waterHeat to roomEfficiencyFuel

Walltherm Zebru Insert stove

Walltherm Zebru Insulated Steel stove

Walltherm Zebru stove

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Broseley boiler stoves

Boiler stove nameHeat to waterHeat to roomEfficiencyFuel

Broseley eVolution 26 boiler stove

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Aquatherm boiler stoves

Next generation 80% efficient, contemporary, insert, boiler stoves. Dedicated, very high efficiency, woodburners with high boiler outputs. Can go on vented systems and most can go on pressurised systems.

Esse boiler stoves

Esse Range Cooker boiler stoves

Boiler stove nameHeat to waterHeat to roomEfficiencyFuel

Esse ironheart range cooker stove
2.6kW8kW82%Multi fuel

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Hoxter boiler stoves

Boiler stove nameHeat to waterHeat to roomEfficiencyFuel

Hoxter ECKA 50-35-45W corner inset boiler stove

Hoxter ECKA 67-45-51Wh corner inset boiler stove

Hoxter HAKA 89-45Wh inset boiler stove

Hoxter HAKA 37-50W inset boiler stove

Hoxter HAKA 63-51W inset boiler stove

Hoxter HAKA 67-51W inset boiler stove

Hoxter HAKA 63-51WT double sided inset boiler stove

Hoxter HAKA 89-45WTh double sided inset boiler stove

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Klover Pellet stoves

Boiler stove nameHeat to waterHeat to roomEfficiencyFuel

Klover BiFire Log and Pellet Boiler Stove
18.6kW10kWWood Pellets and Logs

Klover BiFire Mid Log and Pellet Boiler Stove
17.5kW8kWLogs and wood pellet

Klover BiFire Utility Log and Pellet Boiler stove
23.1kW6.2kWWood Pellets and Logs

Klover Diva Mid Wood Pellet Boiler Stove
17kW3kW89.4%Wood Pellets

Klover Diva Plus Wood Pellet Boiler Stove
20.6kW4.2kW91.2%Wood Pellets

Klover Diva Utility Pellet Boiler stove
13.9kW4.5kW88.2%Wood Pellets

Klover Diva Wood Pellet Boiler Stove
12kW2.8kW89.4%Wood Pellets

Klover PFP 18 Inset Pellet Boiler Stove
12.6kW2.2kW91%Wood Pellets

Klover PFP 22 Inset Pellet Boiler Stove
18.3kW1.8kW90.2%Wood Pellets

Klover Smart 80 Wood Pellet Stove
18.8kW3.7kW91%Wood Pellets

Klover Smart 120 Wood Pellet Stove
17.5kW5.2kW90%Wood Pellets

Klover Star 14 Boiler stove
10.2kW1.4kW91.5%Wood Pellets

Klover Star 18 Boiler stove
12.7kW5.2kW89.8%Wood Pellets

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Klover insert boiler stoves

Boiler stove nameHeat to waterHeat to roomEfficiencyFuel

Klover TKR Stove

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Hunter boiler stoves

Hunter make affordable steel stoves with a wide range of boiler outputs with the maxiumum output at 16kW (54,624 BTU) (Hunter 80B) makes hunter a popular central heating stove. All the prices below include delivery within mainland England. Hunter also offer a thermostatic control which regulates the air supply of the stove and therefore automatically regulates the heat output of the stove. The Hunter thermostat is available as an optional extra for all the following stoves with wraparound boilers.

Boiler stove nameHeat to waterHeat to roomEfficiencyFuel

Herald 6 Flat top multifuel stove
4kW2.5kW75.9%Wood or Multifuel

Herald 8 Flat top multifuel stove
8.5kW2.5kW78.9%Wood or Multifuel

Herald 14 Flat top multifuel stove
7-13kW3-4.5kW78.6%Wood or Multifuel

Hunter 80 B multifuel central heating stove
15.9kW4.5-10kW71%Wood or Multifuel

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Stovax boiler stoves

Stovax have a range of boiler stoves known as the Stockton HB (HB = High output Boiler), with high outputs up to 18kW (61,452 BTU). The HB boilers are multifuel as standard but you can a woodburning only version (applies to 11HB and 14HB)

For more information please see this pdf: Stovax stockton high output boiler stovesStockton high output boiler stoves
The standard Stockton range can also come with clip in boilers with lower outputs - these are also listed below.

Boiler stove nameHeat to waterHeat to roomEfficiencyFuel

Stockton 6 multifuel stove
2.9kW3.1kW80%Wood or Multifuel

Stovax Stockton 8HB Multifuel Boiler Stove

Stovax Stockton 11HB Multifuel Boiler Stove

Stovax Stockton 14HB Multifuel Boiler Stove

Stovax Stockton 7 multifuel stove

Stovax Stockton 8 two door flat top multifuel stove
3.6kW4.4kW81%Wood or Multifuel

Stovax Stockton 11 two door flat top wood burning stove

Stovax View 7 HBi Inset Boiler stove

Stovax View 8 multifuel boiler stove
8.2kW4.9kWWood or Multifuel

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Firefox boiler stoves

Aarrow boiler stoves

Aarrow Ecoburns and Aarrow Acorn stoves can come with clip in backboilers. These backboilers can supplement your hot water (or provide all of it if you run the stove for long enough) and the larger stoves can also run a radiator or two. These Aarrow stoves with clip in boilers are not really designed for heating a whole house (unless your house is small or very well insulated that is).

The nice thing about the Ecoburn stoves with a backboiler is that the stove still gives out a significant amount of heat to the room. For example, the Aarrow Ecoburn Plus 11 model has an output range of 2.5kw 14kw with a nominal output of 11kw. The heat output to the boiler is 4.2kw, making the output to the room 2.5kw 9.8kw. The boiler testing is measured on wood.

The Aarrow Acorn stove with backboiler is ideal for a houseboat as it will not overpower the room whilst still providing hot water.

Boiler stove nameHeat to waterHeat to roomEfficiencyFuel

Aarrow Ecoburn Plus 4 stove
1.8kW2.2kW86.3%Wood or Multifuel

Aarrow Ecoburn Plus 5 stove
2kW3kW74.7%Multifuel or Wood

Aarrow Ecoburn Plus 7 stove
2kW5kW72.1%Wood or multifuel

Aarrow Ecoburn Plus 9 stove

Aarrow Ecoburn Plus 11 stove

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Mendip boiler stoves

Charnwood boiler stoves

Boiler stove nameHeat to waterHeat to roomEfficiencyFuel

Country 16b stove
8.6kW7.3kW75%Wood or Multifuel

Country 6 stove
2.9kW3.1kW80.5%Wood or Multifuel

Country 8 stove
2.9kW5.1kW79.8%Wood or Multifuel

Country 12 stove
2.9kW9.1kW74.1%Wood or Multifuel

Country 4 woodburning stove
2.2kW1.8kW76.8%Wood or Multifuel

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Dunsley boiler stoves

The Dunsley Yorkshire stove works so well that not only is the woodburning and multifuel model approved for smokeless zones, so are the boiler models!

Boiler stove nameHeat to waterHeat to roomEfficiencyFuel

Dunsley Yorkshire boiler stove
9.2kW7.8kW80%Wood or Multifuel

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Ekol boiler stoves

Both the Ekol Clarity boiler stoves are suitable for smokeless zones as they are defra approved.

Boiler stove nameHeat to waterHeat to roomEfficiencyFuel

Clarity 20 boiler stove

Clarity 30 boiler stove

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La Nordica boiler stoves

La Nordica are Italy's leading wood and pellet stove manufacturer. The Termoisotta and the Crystal 80 is a top quality, glass fronted, highly efficient woodburning insert stove which can go on pressurised systems and comes with overheat protection as standard.

Boiler stove nameHeat to waterHeat to roomEfficiencyFuel

LaNordica Termolsotta boiler stove

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Firebelly boiler stoves

The Firebelly FB2 stove can come with an 8kW boiler giving you a contemporary take on a traditional boiler stove.

Boiler stove nameHeat to waterHeat to roomEfficiencyFuel

Firebelly FB2 stove

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De Manincor boiler stoves

Boiler stove nameHeat to waterHeat to roomEfficiencyFuel

FKA900 wood cooker boiler stove

FK600 wood cooker boiler stove

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Wamsler boiler stoves

Two of Wamsler's central heating range cooker stoves that are on our site. With high kW outputs these stoves are suitable for providing all the heating and hot water for a whole house. The Wamsler 900 has many colour options and can come with lids as an optional extra. Other models of Wamsler central heating stove are also available.

Boiler stove nameHeat to waterHeat to roomEfficiencyFuel

Wamsler K148 cooker stove
16kW4kWMulti fuel

Wamsler K178 series central heating cooker stove
18kW9kWWood or coal

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Villager boiler stoves

Boiler stove nameHeat to waterHeat to roomEfficiencyFuel

The Villager Flatmate wood burning stove
4.6kW3.4kW78.4%Wood burning

The Villager Puffin stove

Villager Boiler 12 stove
12.1kW2-6kW71.5%Wood or Multifuel

Villager C Flat Wood Duo Stove
1.9kW2.1kW79%Wood burning

Villager Chelsea Duo stove
3.4kW1.6kW71.7%Multi fuel

Villager Chelsea Solo stove
3.4kW1.6kW71.7%Multi fuel

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Bruno boiler stoves

Bruno stoves are unique looking, contemporary stoves and with the addition of a boiler you gain additional heat output.

Morso boiler stoves

Morso stoves produce many models with a boiler option.

Boiler stove nameHeat to waterHeat to roomEfficiencyFuel

Cleanheat Squirrel cast iron multifuel stove with squirrel sides 1430
2.3kW2.3kW71%Multi fuel

Morso DB15 boiler stove
9kW6kW80%Wood or Multifuel

Morso Squirrel Standard stove
2.3kW2.7kW76%Multi fuel

Morso Swift

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You can also use our stove search facility to display a full list of stoves that can come with backboilers

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