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Woodfire Stoves

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The Woodfire range are part of a new generation of wood burning boiler and non boiler stoves. The non boiler insert models will need grilles to spread the heat, the boiler models will not.

The boiler stoves in the Technical range run at high efficiencies, can connect directly into pressurised systems, overheat safety valves coming as standard. These stoves are designed to fit in well with clean-line, modern interiors. All the Woodfire boiler models have a high output to water compared to other contemporary boiler stoves, making them some of the most efficient boiler stoves on the market.

Woodfire stoves are available as free-standing boiler models (with a curved or flat top) or as a wide range of inset models. Within the range of insets are the Woodfire RX Series which also offers a double sided inset boiler stove. Woodfire stoves run at impressive efficiencies, which means that you can have plenty of hot water for the family and run a complete central heating system at the same time. The rated outputs to water are measured by burning wood - most other boiler stoves are actually tested using coal - so you get a true figure for how they will actually be used. Wood can give less heat to water, depending on how the stove is designed, so when comparing Woodfire boiler stoves to others, check which fuel their figures are based on.

These are well designed well-built stoves and, at this years price, offer exceptionally good value for money.

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Below are some of the Woodfire Stoves that we supply.
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Woodfire EX inset wood boiler stoves

The most efficient and cleanest burning EcoDesign Ready boiler stoves on the British market.

Woodfire CX Boiler Stoves

Woodfire CX Series are the latest development of freestanding stoves from Woodfire. Efficient, dedicated woodburning boilers with 100% direct air connection as standard.

Woodfire RS wood boiler stoves

We still have a couple of the older version Woodfire RS series insert stoves left. These are efficient wood boiler stoves with decent outputs.

Woodfire RX Stoves

RX insert boiler stoves are from the older range of Woodfire stoves, but still effective and efficient. We have just one RX12 left to clear.

Woodfire RH insert stoves

These are room heating, dry insert stoves. The Woodfire RH insert stove is available in one size only while the lifting door models are available in several different formats.

Fuel & Style

Woodfire Passiv Boiler Stove

Wood Burning Woodfire Stoves (13)

Woodfire RS 19 insert boiler stove

Contemporary Woodfire Stoves (12)


Woodfire RS 12 insert boiler stove

Inset Woodfire Stoves (10)

Woodfire CX12 contemporary boiler stove

Free Standing Woodfire Stoves (2)

Woodfire Passiv Boiler Stove

Boiler Woodfire Stoves (9)

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Double Sided Woodfire Stoves (2)

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