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Woodfire EX inset stoves

Woodfire EX inset stoves Woodfire EX inset stoves Woodfire EX inset stoves detail Woodfire EX inset stoves detail Woodfire EX inset stoves
The EX range from Woodfire are available with outputs of 10, 15 or 22 kW and all contain the very latest boiler stove technology to give both high efficiences and clean burning. The EX models will operate at their peak when linked with a thermal store to provide easy to use whole house heating and hot water but will still work well connected straight into the heating.

The EX 10 is perfect for a well insulated or Passiv-style house as it only gives a maximum of 1.5 kW to the room yet still provides 8.5 kW to the heating and hot water. The EX15 still keeps a low output to air of just 2.5 kW, but will give 12.5 kW of heating, and even the 22 kW keeps its heat to room down to just 3.5kW.

The EX range are characterised by a great build quality and have all the latest safety features, but are also fantastic looking stoves. The simple, clean lines and all-glass door are accentuated by the stay-white chamotte firebricks and stainless steel handle.
Model Flue DiameterEfficiencyDirect Air SupplyWarrantyFuelNominal Output to WaterNominal Output to RoomPrice
Woodfire EX10200mm84%Yes3Wood Burning8.5kW1.5kW£2,610.00 inc. VAT
Woodfire EX15200mm83%Yes3Wood Burning12.5kW2.5kW£2,780.00 inc. VAT
Woodfire EX22200mm82%Yes3Wood Burning18.5kW3.1kW£2,940.00 inc. VAT
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