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Central Heating

Planning on running wood central heating? You've come to the right place.

You'll get down to earth advice and guidance which you can understand, and system schematics for your installer to follow.

In our boiler department we spearheaded bringing advanced pressurised 80% efficient boiler stoves to the UK ahead of anyone else I can think of, and we continue to adapt as the technology evolves.

You might want something as simply as a small boiler stove to top up your existing heating system, you might want something larger and hook it up to one of our thermal stores (designed by us specially for renewables), or you might go for a wood pellet or log gasification boiler which can then be supplied, installed and serviced by our Firepower network of local dealers and engineers.

If you want to combine multiple renewable energy sources then that's something we're very used to doing. As part of our heating system design service we usually start by performing a heat load calculation for your home which will then help us recommend the right size of boiler for you. Our general approach is to try to keep things convenient, effective and as simple as possible (but not simpler).

The products and solutions on this page are just to let you explore some of the things that are available. We're here to guide, advise, and work together to design a system that works for you.

Boiler Stoves

A wood boiler stove provides heating and hot water and, unlike a heat pump, requires no electricity to run. From small boiler stoves which can provide a bit of hot water, to larger stoves which can easily power your whole house there is a large range to choose from.

Heating System Design

Not sure where to start? That's what we are here for. You can run through all the options with us, make sure that the sizing is correct and then we can design your heating system for you - that's all included as standard when you work with us. Making sure it's safe, efficient, robust and all works together as intended.

Klover Pellet Stoves

Klover wood pellet boilers can take the form of freestanding stoves that are installed in your home, there are also range cookers and utility models. They are automated, highly efficient, with low emissions, and are MCS registered so you can benefit from the Boiler Upgrade Scheme grant.

Thermal Stores

A thermal store (also known as a heat store or buffer tank) forms the heart of the heating system and hot water system, allowing you to link up renewable heat sources like a boiler stove, pellet boiler, and solar panels for hot water, and to store up heat in times of plenty for when it is needed later.

Utility Boilers

When you want to put your wood pellet or log boiler in a utility room, an outhouse, annex or shed then a utility boiler is just the thing. Utility boilers come in a range of different sizes so you should find one which can run your whole home.

Wood Gasification boilers

A log gasification boiler lets you save time by allowing you to batch-burn big loads of firewood, at high efficiencies, and then storing up that heat for when you need it in a thermal store. They are normally installed in an outbuilding or utility room.

Heating System Essentials

Here you have specialist valves, gizmos and components that you will need when you install your renewable biomass heating system, whether that's a boiler stove or a wood pellet boiler.

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