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Roof flashings

Clearline Alu-based Flashing

The Clearline Alu-Based flashing is a quick and efficient flashing suitable for tile and slate roofs.

Clearline EPDM Flue Flashings

For profiled, flat or corrugated roofs we offer these multi-purpose Clearline EPDM flashings. These are designed for maximum weather resistance and simple installation.

Clearline Lead Free Flashings

Lead-free roof flashing is a cutting-edge and environmentally responsible roofing solution designed to replace traditional lead-based flashing materials. This innovative roofing accessory offers a durable and safe alternative for sealing joints and preventing water penetration in your roofing system.

Clearline Nu-Lead Flashing

The Clearline Nu-Lead-based flashing is an environmentally friendly lead-free flashing, providing a reliable water tight seal to any twin wall flue, through tiled and slate roofs.

Lead Flashings

A range of lead flashings for use with Clearline AKW twin wall flue. Our lead roof flashings are made of Code 3 lead with a welded collar.