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Clearline Alu-based Flashing

The Clearline aluminium roof flashing is a pure aluminium roof flashing for twin wall flues. The aluminium base of the flashing is malleable and easy to work to the contours of a tiled roof. Because it is made of aluminium, and not lead, this seldek flashing will not stain or corrode the roof and neither does it pose a health risk during installation or by water contamination. An EPDM collar seals easily around the flue pipe making a simple watertight connection with no need for a storm collar. The Clearline aluminium flashing is covered by a 20 year warranty.

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Clearline Alu-based Flashing 80-200mm

£41.41 inc. VAT

Clearline Alu-based Flashing 175-275mm

£78.87 inc. VAT
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