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Contact Us

Get in touch with us to ask a question or just for general advice and guidance, that's what we are here for. A phone call is the most direct way you can contact us. Free phone 0800 246 1250.

Meet the Team

As always any organisation is a network of people - and here we are! You can have a look at who you are deciding to work with and read a little about each of us.


Here you will find short articles with updates, industry news and developments in our business.

Reviews & Feedback

We love it when people leave comments, reviews, give us testimonials and send in pictures of final installations. Usually as you'll see we deliver on our aim of efficient and friendly service. We're not perfect though and so the other helpful thing about feedback is that it helps us to improve.

Our Story

Our journey starts with restoring and rebuilding antique stoves from the ground up, giving us a unique insight into longevity, and how stoves are put together.

Showroom & Warehouse

Our Showroom is open you can come and look at a stove in the flesh. If we don't have it on show then let us know and we should be able to pull the one you want to look at out for you so it's ready for when you arrive. Our showroom is open Monday to Friday 9am - 3pm. Please do ring Anna first to confirm your visit on 01404892892.

Delivery & Payment

You can pay in a variety of ways and we can organise to deliver your order almost anywhere.


Here we have information on Sustainability, including climate change, impact reduction, and ways in which we are trying to make Stovesonline a more sustainable business.

T&C and Privacy

Here you will find our terms and conditions and privacy policy. In general we don't sell your information on to 3rd parties, nor do we bombard you with unwanted emails.