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Flue and Chimney

Twin wall Flue UK

Twin wall flue

Twin wall flue allows a stove to be installed practically anywhere. Whether its in an existing or a new house, twin wall flue lets you install a new chimney that is safe, effective and easy to fit.

Visit our Twin wall flue page, or click on the picture for more details

Flue pipe - single skin flue system for stoves UK

Single skin flue

We supply standard flue pipe in two styles. We offer black enamel flue pipe in a standard matt finish, or glossy if specified, or stainless steel flue pipe. Whether you decide on our black enamel or stainless steel flue pipes, all single skin flue pipe should be jointed using fire cement - which we can supply at the same time as your pipe.

Visit our Single skin flue page, or click on the picture for more details

Flexible flue liners UK, Dura flue liner UK - chimney lining for chimneys

Flexible Flue Liners

We have been lining chimneys for well over twenty years and can advise you on what flexible flue lining system is best for you and supply all the materials you will need for the job.

All the flexible flue liners and flue lining systems we use, have C.S.T.B approval and carry a ten year warranty.

Visit our Flexible Flue Liners page, or click on the picture for more details

pumice chimney liner

Pumice chimney systems

Pumice chimney systems were first used to build chimneys in Denmark specifically for stoves. Pumice chimneys are especially well suited for use with wood burning stoves and because of the insulation value of pumice they suffer less from tar condensation than more traditional materials and are very heat resistant. Pumice chimneys cope well with the thermal shock of a chimney fire and should be used in favour of terracotta liners when forming a chimney for a stove. Here we have pumice liners for use with brick/block chimneys as well as modular pumice chimney blocks which allow you to very quickly build a finished chimney.

Visit our Pumice chimney systems page, or click on the picture for more details

Chimney pots and inserts for chimneys UK

Chimney Pots and Inserts

Finish off your chimney in style with a clay chimney pots or clay inserts. These pots are long lasting, robust and range from standard plain styles, pots incorporating rain protection, as well as the more ornate designs.

Visit our Chimney Pots and Inserts page, or click on the picture for more details

Chimney Cowl UK - cowls -  problem solving for chimneys

Chimney Cowls

Downdraft? Rain coming in? Lack of draw? Birds nesting in the chimney? You need a chimney cowl from our large selection of quality chimney cowls. No matter what style of chimneys you have, we have the chimney cowl to fit and to cure your problem.

Visit our Chimney Cowls page, or click on the picture for more details

chimney fans

Chimney fans

If it is not possible to get enough draw to make a fireplace or stove work properly then one possible solution is a Chimney fan. We have fans which you install on the top of your chimney as well as in-line fans that are installed in your house.

Visit our Chimney fans page, or click on the picture for more details

Register plate UK - sealing a chimney - custom made register plates

Register Plates

If a stove is to be fitted into a fireplace then the throat of the fireplace has to be sealed off using a register plate.

Our register plate is made from 2.5mm steel, has a hole for the flue pipe, clips to hold it to the wall, a clamp to hold the flue liner or a sweeping trap.

Each register plate is custom made to your measurements.

Visit our Register Plates page, or click on the picture for more details

Inline chimney fans

Inline chimney fans

Inline chimney fans are perfect for use with log gasification boilers. The inline chimney fan is turned on when you open the loading door to add more fuel which prevents smoke coming into the boiler room. An inline chimney fan is also a way to improve chimney draw if all other avenues have failed. Because inline chimney fans are fitted internally they are relatively easy to install and maintain as well.

Visit our Inline chimney fans page, or click on the picture for more details

Render plaster and mouldable firebrick

Here we have heat proof render and plaster. Heat proof render is suitable for rending the inside faces of fireplace openings which are likely to get heated by the stove or fireplace. Heat proof plaster is suited to plastering the same openings and to plaster around, behind, and infront of stoves. Both heat proof render and heat proof plaster are less prone to cracking when heated than standard cement renders and standard plasters.

Visit our Render plaster and mouldable firebrick page, or click on the picture for more details

Roof flashings UK - waterproof flashing

Roof Flashings

If you have to run your chimney, flue pipe, or any other type of pipe or wire through a roof then our comprehensive range of flashings make the job simple, and more importantly: watertight.

Visit our Roof Flashings page, or click on the picture for more details

Chimney sweeping brush, rods, and stove flue brush

Chimney brushes and rods

Sweeping your chimney is essential for your safety as it removes the tar and deposits that cause chimney fires. With our range on chimney sweeping brushes and rods you can sweep almost any flue pipe, flexible liner, or chimney stack. We have super flexible nylon rods for those bendy flues as well as standard rods for unlined chimneys. If you do not want to sweep your chimney yourself why not search for a UK chimney sweep.

Visit our Chimney brushes and rods page, or click on the picture for more details

Stove room ventilator, external air kit

Stove room ventilation

A stove needs a supply of air to burn properly, and often this means that a supply of external air is needed to the room where the stove is installed. A stove room ventilator makes a simple job of providing this ventilation, and at the same time ensures that it is waterproof, pest-proof, and wind-proof. Increasing numbers of stoves can be connected to an external air duct, and for these stoves we have an external air kit which again makes a neat and easy job of making the connection to the outside.

Visit our Stove room ventilation page, or click on the picture for more details

Carbon Monoxide stove alarms uk

Carbon Monoxide Alarm

A Carbon Monoxide Alarm (or CO Alarm) is a simple way to improve safety in the home. Carbon Monoxide is a risk if your stove is badly installed or badly maintained and the alarm, fitted near the stove, lets you know if the CO level is rising too high. Fitting a carbon monoxide stove alarm at all new stove installations is now also a building regulations requirement.

Visit our Carbon Monoxide Alarm page, or click on the picture for more details

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