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Clearline Nu-Lead Flashing

The Clearline Nu-Lead flashing features lead coated with Acrylead - and acyllic protective covering that stops the lead oxides escaping. This means that the Nu-Lead flashing is safer to work with, and will not stain or corrode the rest of the roof. The Acrylead also acts as a primer which means that you can paint the flashing any colour so as to match the roof colour. An EPDM cone which can withstand temperatures from -50 to 115 degrees seals against the flue pipe as it penetrates the flashing. The Nulead flashing is fast to install, the acrylic coating is covered by the Clearline 10 year warranty, the rest of the flashing.

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Clearline Nu-Lead Flashing 80-200mm

125mm£135.56 inc. VAT

Clearline Nu-Lead Flashing 175-275mm

200mm£207.85 inc. VAT
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