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Woodfire RH stoves


There are a lot of Woodfire inset dry RH family. They are divided into two groups, the standard RH models which have a door, the RH LD models that have a vertical-lift door.  All Woodfire RH inset stoves have a large viewing window. They share the same clean lines, and give as much view of the fire as possible with a minimal amount of stove showing.

The RH14 (this is the model without a lifting door), can tick over giving out as little as 3 kW but, if warmth is needed quickly, it can be turned up to give up to 14 kW.

When installing these stoves, the chamber needs to be ventilated. Please see our insert stove chamber ventilation page. You can view our range of accessories and choose which grilles best suit your installation. We also offer Thermalux boards for a quick and easy installation.

Ecodesign Ready

Model Body HeightBody WidthFlue DiameterEfficiencyNominal Heat OutputMin Heat OutputDirect Air SupplyFuelPrice
Woodfire RH 14 woodburning insert stove1070mm680mm200mm80%14kW3kWYesWood Burning£1,930.00 inc. VAT
Woodfire RH 17 woodburning insert stove1070mm800mm200mm80%17kW4kWYesWood Burning£1,990.00 inc. VAT
Woodfire RH 21 LD panorama insert stove  200mm80%21kW5kWYesWood Burning£3,630.00 inc. VAT
Woodfire RH 21 LD panorama ultra insert stove1470mm1526mm200mm80%21kW5kWYesWood Burning£4,010.00 inc. VAT