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Dik Geurts are a company that have been around for over 35 years and have always been recognised for producing stoves of high quality, both in design and operability.  We have been selling Dru stoves for many years and the Dik Geurts brand was incorporated within the Dru group in 2007, so we know their pedigree. Dik Geurts offer stoves with a range of heat outputs along with high efficiencies and clean combustion.

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Dik Geurts Ivar Stoves

The Ivar range of minimalist woodburning stoves are suitable for both a traditional or modern setting.   There is a choice of sizes, 5kw or 8kw. Both Ivar 5 Low and High models are exempt by Defra for woodburning in city areas.

Dik Geurts Ivar 5 low stove

The Dik Geurts Ivar 5 is a cleanly designed 4.9kW stove, a great pick for the smaller living room.

Dik Geurts Odin Stove

Dik Geurts Odin Stove

£3,868 inc. VAT

What a lovely stove from Dik Geurts: the Odin is original and can be shown off in a variety of different ways. This is a stove to create some Wow.

Dik Geurts Keld 5 low stove

A lovely sophisticated styled stove from Dik Geurts, a good choice for smaller rooms as its output is 4.9kW's. The curved shaped large glass door enhances the glowing flames within, ideal to relax by.

Dik Geurts Aste 5 Stove

Dik Geurts Aste 5 Stove

£1,405 inc. VAT

It may be small but it packs a punch as it produces 4kW's, ideal for those smaller fireplaces. Classical moulding on the big glass door enhances its appearance as do the angled legs which are an unusual feature. A great stove to chill out in front of after a busy day.

Dik Geurts Ivar 8 low stove

At 9kW the Dik Geurts Ivar 8 is at home in the medium sized room. The Ivar 8 has a clean take on the traditional UK stove design.