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Load units and load valves

ESBE LTC261 stove load unit

The valves, pump, thermostatic gauges and thermosyphon bypass are all neatly contained, and the load unit comes with a removable insulating cover.

ESBE VTC512 stove load valve

Esbe VTC load valves are 3-way thermostatic valves which can be used in conjunction with a pump and flue thermostat to maintain high return temperatures to the boiler. 

Laddomat 21-60 heat charger

The Laddomat 21 is a heat charger suited to boilers of up to 80kW output.

LK Armatur Load valves

The purpose of a load valve is to make sure that the best possible temperature stratification in the thermal store is achieved and also a high temperature which returns to the boiler stove. This means that there is an increased life of the boiler stove and greater efficiency to the heating system.

LK Armatur Load units

The LK load units are built in Sweden to a very high specification and are designed to provide long term use and give accurate control of the water flow from a boiler stove. The full unit, comprising the valve, pump, thermosyphon by pass and gauges. A neat and compact unit that comes complete with an insulating cover.