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Inset Stove Chamber Vents

Some insert stoves require a ventilated enclosure. We can supply white metal convection slot-vents and grille-vents for the enclosure. The long slot-vents are 60mm high, and come in 400/ 600/ 800/ 1000mm lengths.

Talk to our technical dept. to see which ones you will need.

These vents are usually hidden in log stores below the stove, side-shelving units, on the chimney breast returns or in a shadow-gap.

Inset Stove Chamber Vents

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1000mm Slot Vent

£86.52 inc. VAT

800mm x 60mm long slot-vents

£76 inc. VAT

600mm x 60mm long slot-vents

£66.06 inc. VAT
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