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Chimney brushes and rods

Drill driven ultraflex chimney sweeping sets

The super flexible Ultraflex Drill Driven Chimney Sweeping Set for stainless steel insulated chimneys, flexible flue liners or masonry chimney stacks.

Traditional chimney sweeping rods and brushes

Keep your chimney clean and reduce your risk of chimney fire. Here we have traditional chimney sweeping brushes – Polyspiral brushes as well as wire brushes, and of course chimney sweeping rods.

Ultraflex rods and brush heads (suitable for twin wall systems and flexible liners)

Ultraflex rods and brush heads are the perfect solution if you are sweeping a chimney up through a woodburning stove. Ultraflex rods bend easily to get inside the stove and up through the flue spigot or through a flue access door to clean the flueways above.