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Ekol Boiler Stoves

Ekol Authorised Dealer


Stovesonline are an authorised Ekol dealer which means you can trust us to look after you and your Ekol stove in the future.

Carbel RA-85 Plus Stove

Ekol Contemporary Boiler Stoves (295)

La Nordica Termoisotta Wood burning boiler stove

Ekol Wood Burning Boiler Stoves (243)

Herald 14 Flat top multifuel stove

Ekol Multifuel Boiler Stoves (164)

Stockton 4 multifuel stove

Ekol Traditional Boiler Stoves (53)

Klover Soft 80 Wood Pellet Stove

Ekol Wood Pellet Boiler Stoves (25)


Popular Ekol Boiler Stoves