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Saltfire Stoves

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Stoves come in many shapes, sizes and types. Modern stoves can burn efficiently over a much wider range of heat outputs - so you can run a modern one slowly but it will still give out far lower particulate emissions than old models.

There are a lot of stoves available so please do let our expert team help point you in the right direction; just contact us. We would love to guide you through the various stove choices, provide help & advice and free installation design to make sure it all goes smoothly.

We can help with everything from a small burner for your shepherd's hut, right up to a fully automated renewable heating system.

Saltfire ST2
Saltfire ST2£799 inc. VAT

Saltfire ST-X8 Stove
Saltfire ST-X8 StoveSpecial Offer Price £995.00
(Normal price £1,099.00 inc. VAT, a saving of £104.00)

Saltfire ST-X5 Stove
Saltfire ST-X5 Stove£999 inc. VAT

Saltfire Peanut 3
Saltfire Peanut 3 £799 inc. VAT

Saltfire Peanut 3 tall
Saltfire Peanut 3 Tall£899 inc. VAT

Saltfire Peanut 5 Stove

This is the Saltfire Peanut 5 - a 5kW stove which you can run on firewood in a smoke control area .

Saltfire Peanut 5 Tall Stove

Saltfire Peanut 5 with the taller stand which can be used as a log store.

Saltfire Bignut 5 Stove

Saltfire Bignut 5 is the larger version of the Peanut.

Saltfire Bignut 5 Tall Stove
Saltfire Bignut 5 Tall Stove£1,099.00 inc. VAT

Saltfire Bignut 5 Tall version of the larger Bignut Stove

Saltfire Peanut 8 Stove

Saltfire Peanut 8 is the larger 8kW output version.

Saltfire Peanut 8 Tall Stove
Saltfire Peanut 8 Tall Stove£1,099.00 inc. VAT

Saltfire Peanut 8 Tall version of the 8kW model.

Saltfire ST1 Vision
Saltfire ST1 VisionSpecial Offer Price £649.00
(Normal price £799 inc. VAT, a saving of £150.00)

Saltfire Classic Stove
Saltfire Classic StoveSpecial Offer Price £795.00
(Normal price £899 inc. VAT, a saving of £104.00)

Saltfire Scout Stove
Saltfire Scout Stove£899 inc. VAT

Saltfire CS7
Saltfire CS7£1,399.00 inc. VAT

Saltfire CS5
Saltfire CS5£1,099.00 inc. VAT