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Wamsler Cooker Wood Burning Workshop Stoves

Wamsler make innovative and practical cooker stoves designed to run effectively on wood. Traditionally in England range cooker stoves have been designed to run on coal. English range cookers were/are made of cast iron, very very heavy and expensive. In contrast cooker stoves on the continent (like Wamsler cooker stoves) have bigger fireboxes, solid cast iron innards, but with a lighter steel casing. Wamsler range cookers have already stood the test of time and this lighter construction is a benefit as it makes them easier to transport. Here we have range cooker stoves that run efficiently on wood, can easily heat water for central heating, and all available for a lower price than many English range cooker stoves.

Unlike Agas or Rayburns the flue gases in Wamsler cooker stoves go right around the oven. This makes for very consistent oven temperatures with few hotspots - ideal for baking. Wamsler cooker stove ovens are enamelled inside making them much easier to clean and the oven has a temperature gauge and glass viewing window for ease of operation. Under the oven is a handy warming draw.

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