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Stove Accessories

Fireside accessories, fire screens, log basket, fire tools Now that you have your stove it is very likely that you will want some accessories. Some fireside accessories are practical and very useful whilst others may be to set the scene and give a certain look or feel to your setting. We can source a wide range of stove accessories for you.

Fireplace screens and guards

Fireside screens, nursery guards, spark guardsA fireplace screen, spark guard or nursery guard can be very useful. If you want to run the stove with the door open then a fire screen will help stop sparks from flying out into your room. A guard can also help keep children away from the fire. For small children a nursery fireguard can be used - this is a big fireguard that protrudes into the room ensuring that small children cannot get close to the hot stove.

Log baskets

Log basketI really like woven wicker log baskets - aside from being useful for filling with wood, kindling, paper and an axe they also look great. If you have a more contemporary setting then perhaps consider something a bit more modern like a metal log carrier.

Fireside tools

Fireside toolsFireside tools usually come in a set. The most common tools are a fire poker - to poke around in your fire with, push logs around, etc, a pair of log tongs to move burning logs around if needed, an ash brush and an ash shovel.

Firewood moisture meter uk

Firewood moisture meter

A firewood moisture meter helps you to quickly tell how well seasoned your firewood is. Split a log and then test one of the split faces with your moisture meter. The log should be 25% moisture or less.

Visit our Firewood moisture meter page, or click on the picture for more details

Smoke and carbon monoxide alarm set

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm

This battery operated smoke alarm and carbon monoxide alarm comes as a handy set, ideal for stove installations.

Visit our Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm page, or click on the picture for more details

Stirling engine stove fan

Stirling Fan

This Stirling Engine Fan is operated by a heat engine. The cyclic compression and expansion of hot and cold air is converted into energy to move the blades of the stove Stirling Engine Fan round. The Stirling Engine fan spreads heat more evenly through the room, especially if your stove is in a recessed opening, but is also a chance to own a real working fantastic Stirling Engine.

Visit our Stirling Fan page, or click on the picture for more details

Stove stove book UK

Stove Book

The ultimate guide to buying, installing and running a stove. No-one should buy a stove without it. Click here to find out how you can end up getting the book for free.

Visit our Stove Book page, or click on the picture for more details

Phoenix stove firelighter

Phoenix Firelighter

Phoenix Firelighters have revolutionised the lighting of solid fuel fires. A Phoneix Firelighter can light wood, coal, charcoal or peat in your stove in only 2 minutes. Simple.

Visit our Phoenix Firelighter page, or click on the picture for more details

Flammenpilot stove monitor


FlammenPilot is a handy device which can reduce your wood consumption by up to 30% by telling you just the right time to load wood into your stove. Flammenpilot improves the overall efficiency of your stove and therefore reduces the amount of wood you burn, and makes sure that you do not let the stove go out accidentally.

Visit our Flammenpilot page, or click on the picture for more details

Ash Vac

Ash Vac

Visit our Ash Vac page, or click on the picture for more details

Coffee Logs

Coffee Logs

bio-bean recycle waste coffee grounds to produce biomass briqettes and pellets to heat your home.

Visit our Coffee Logs page, or click on the picture for more details

Stove Pipe Thermometer

Stove Pipe Thermometer

This is a useful and accurate stove pipe thermometer.

Visit our Stove Pipe Thermometer page, or click on the picture for more details

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